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Rachel Roberts (Brymbo)

“I cannot praise the tutor enough”
I approached Tutor Help as my daughter was lacking confidence in her mathematics and, as parents, we felt it was essential to have additional tutoring particularly as she was entering high school education.

Following a home visit in which the Ian, the Tutor Help representative, listened to our concerns and assessed our daughter’s mathematics ability, a tutor whose teaching methods best suited her learning technique was then assigned.

I cannot praise the tutor enough for being very organised and enthusiastic in his approach to teaching our daughter. It has been beneficial to have the sessions at home and the tutor identified her strengths and weaknesses and has worked on these. In addition, I have received regular reports from Ian, prepared by the tutor, outlining the previous lesson and our daughter’s progress. Our daughter’s ability and confidence in mathematics has improved dramatically following the course of study. 

I would thoroughly recommend the services of Tutor Help to anyone considering additional help.