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You may have already discovered how frustrating it can be trying to find a personal tutor for yourself or your child. You need someone with expert subect knowledge, good qualifications, and someone who is friendly, sympathetic and has excellent people skills. Crucially, you’re also looking for a tutor who will come to you at your home and at your convenience without the need for you to travel. At Tutor Help, we take away the hassle of you having to find a tutor by personally matching you or your child with one of our well qualified and experienced tutors. Get the match right and we’re half way there.

At Tutor Help we have a robust and detailed tutor recruitment process that ensures we employ only the best people to look after the academic interests of you or your child. Your goals are our objectives and we will only facilitate the achievement of both if we provide the highest quality tuition service. We can only do this by employing the best – so we do.

All our tutors are subject to a background check and are fully DBS certified and must provide documented evidence of all certificates and qualifications. If they end up in your home as a Tutor Help tutor, they have been successful at 2 interviews and shown clear indcation that they are high calibre professionals – at Tutor Help we do not take any risks with your child’s education.

We believe passionately that if private tutoring company and school work collaboratively, there will be only one winner – the student. That is why your Tutor Help tutor will make contact with your child’s teacher in order to agree the best way forward and to ensure that all the sessions are curriculum based and directly linked with what is being studied in class. (Note : Parental permission required before any approach to the school)

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