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At Tutor Help we offer high quality, one to one tuition in all academic subjects. Whether you are an adult learner or still at school we can help you realise your potential and succeed in Mathematics, English (Language and Literature), Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Reading, Writing, History, Geography, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Music, Art, Drama/ Theatre, Computer Science, ICT, Business Studies, Engineering, Accounting, Finance, ESL , Test Prep (including 11+) and Exam Technique. (NOTE – We offer tuition on all our subjects at KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, ‘A’ and Degree Levels)

Maths is, inevitably, one of the subjects that causes students a lot of problems and the more the student fails to understand, the more likely they are to become very quiet and withdrawn in class, totally demotivated and ultimately, very worried with, often, some tears – sound familiar ? At Tutor Help, our tutors work hard to create a bond and a relationship with their students so there is a fondness and a trust that the student may not feel for their school teacher. They will then work with the student on topics directly linked to their school curriculum (our tutors liaise directly with the schools, provided parental permission is granted), filling in whatever gaps there may be in their knowledge and improving their performance levels. Success is a by-product of confidence in the class room, and after only a few lessons with one of our Maths tutors, you will see a spring in the step that was not there previously and a huge growth in confidence. Call today and see an end to your child’s Maths fear.

As with Maths, a good command of English is vital for any student as the subject plays a vital role in being able to learn the others. If a student can communicate clearly, write well, spell accurately and comprehend complex instructions, he or she will be well placed to be able to construct quality answers not only in English itself, but in many additional subjects. Tutor Help tutors will travel to your home, at your convenience, and help you or your child to focus on those areas of English that require some work. Whether your requirement is to seek assistance for your KS1 child to develop his or her reading and/or phonic skills, your KS2 child to improve their spelling and/ or writing or your GCSE or ‘A’ Level child to study towards their demanding exams, we can help in a friendly, no fuss, confidence building way – Try us, we’re good because we genuinely care.

Whether you are studying Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Dual or Triple Science, we have high calibre, degree holding tutors who can help at basic and more complex levels. Familiar with current exam techniques and the curriculums of all the examination boards (WJEC, AQA, EDEXEL), you will find that your Tutor Help tutor has a passion for Science and that most of them can help with more than one subject. You may be finding the step-up from GCSE to ‘A’ Level very difficult. Our science tutors are well used to this and will calm the nerves, ease the pressure and help you and/or your child plan and manage your heavy workload. Don’t wait – if you are struggling, get in touch without delay and we will help you. Promise.

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